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ADT outdoor camera on a Kingsport home
June 24, 2021

How To Protect Your Rental Property In Kingsport

Whether you’re renting out a single property or you are a real estate investor with an array of investment properties, you are aware that it can be challenging to protect a rental property in Kingsport. When empty, your unit may be a prime target for a burglar or vandal. And if you have renters, you also must keeping your tenants secure.

From security monitoring to smart security, here are several proven methods to make sure you’re fully protecting your Kingsport rental property.

Safeguard Your Properties With Security Monitoring

One of the best deterrents against theft or vandalism at your rental property is the installation of a home security system with monitoring. Your tenants can sleep easy when they have protection against intruders, primarily when Kingsport is unfamiliar territory. In the event a robber attempts to enter, your advanced alarm system will notify your ADT monitoring center while the warning siren rouses your visitors or tenants. You even have the ability to get phone alerts in the event a connected security camera picks up a lurker.

ADT smartlock on a Kingsport home

Smart Key Codes Add Security When You Have New Guests

When a renter vacates your property, you should ensure they are cut from access to the property. If they took or copied a key, then they have the ability to to regain entry. To counteract this concern, you can change the locks after each renter or have smart locks installed with your home’s security. By using smart locks, you can provide each renter a custom code that will no longer work when they vacate the property. In the event renters return and attempt to use their outdated code, you will receive a notification on your phone.

Automated Devices Protect Your Rental Property In Kingsport -- Even If You’re Away

If you own a rental or vacation property in Kingsport, you also have to protect the unit when there’s nobody there. The best way to do that is to give an impression that there's someone home. By connecting your property’s security system to home automation components like lighting, entertainment systems, and climate control, your unit will always appear occupied. Preset certain light bulbs to activate at specific hours during the day and night and play music for a few hours, and a potential burglar will think twice before trying to enter. With the proper home security, you have the ability to schedule components through a convenient smartphone application.

Securing Your Rental Property In Kingsport Starts With A Custom Home Security Package

The benefits of an ADT system for real estate investors are many: 24-hour monitoring, convenient automation, and smart locks with key codes are a few highlights of what you can expect. Reach out to Secure24 Alarm Systems and our security specialists will assist you in creating an ADT package that fits your needs. Dial (423) 241-8746 or complete the form on this page to get started.