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November 11, 2021

Do Home Security Signs Deter Intrusion In Kingsport?

There's a common myth that putting a home security sign in close proximity to your home’s entrance is all you need to safeguard your property. Basically, a robber is supposed to see the small blue octagon and go on past. With this in mind, could you just have a home security sign in Kingsport and not worry about a real home security system? This means that a security system isn’t needed, just get a home security sign in Kingsport. It’s the home security sign that deters intrusion in Kingsport instead of your home security system.

While there is a benefit to showing off signage from prominent residential security experts like ADT®, it isn't enough to turn away career criminals. You’ll be in a much better position backing them up with some actual security components. You’ll probably agree it’s much less of a gamble than taking the chance that your home security signs will deter intrusion in Kingsport.

A Layered Defense Is A Wise Approach

Layering your home’s protection is a smart strategy for keeping your home safe. A complete alarm system should include door and window sensors, video surveillance, video doorbells, motion-detection lights, and smart door locks. Signs and decals warn possible invaders that these layered devices might be installed but they would only be one element of your total defense package.

Signs and decals may be all it takes to stop an uninitiated invader in Kingsport, but a decal next to your door may not scare off a more experienced burglar. If they don't see added forms of security, they may conclude that the sign is a dummy and your residence is not protected.

Legitimize Your Kingsport Home Security Signs With Integrated Security Components

Although home security signs could deter intrusion some of the time, you shouldn’t rely on them as the only means to protect your home and family. As an alternative, consider incorporating a combination of these devices:

● Video cameras: Let's face it, no burglar wants to be captured by your camera as it could be used against them in legal proceedings. Go with exterior surveillance that covers main areas of entry like your front door, back door, garage, and windows.

● Sensors for access points: The majority of thieves will enter through doors or windows, so those should be protected by motion and glass break sensors. In the event an alarm trips, your security system will warn you and your 24.7 monitoring station.

● Motion-sensor floodlights: Even though it’s the truth that a great deal of invasions happen in broad daylight when residents are working, you must also have a plan to defend against nighttime prowlers. Motion-sensor floodlights placed strategically next to your windows, doors, and garage will immediately shine a light on questionable activity and turn away unwanted guests.

● Smart locking systems and doorbell video: Smart locks will inform you if a person tries to unlock or open your door. A doorbell video component takes it one step further by giving you a visual perspective. Both of these solutions can be accessed by your mobile security app.

● Smart lights: Another useful home automation component, smart lights may be put on a set routine or turned on easily from your phone. Smart lights make it seem like you are present and effectively discourage burglars.

Take The First Step Toward Your Complete Home Defense Plan

Why run the risk that standalone home security signs will deter intrusion in Kingsport when you can have an integrated home defense package? Dial (423) 241-8746 or complete the following form to consult with one of our specialists. You can choose from a range of plans at affordable monthly rates or customize your security to your needs.

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